You can get free – yes, FREE – media coverage.  There are 8 factors that will help your business or non-profit organization get the media coverage you deserve.  You’ll learn what gets the media’s attention from a 16-year broadcast news veteran.

Is That On?


Fundraising Fun

Marketing Madness

On-Air Talent / Producer

Who is your ideal client?  Where do we find them?  We go on a business booming hunt.  You’ll load your backpacks with lots of ideas to find customers and keep them!

Now that you’ve gotten that opportunity in front of the camera or in the newspaper, how do you handle it?  What do you say?  How do you say it? Learn how to think fast and talk slow.  Plus, what not to wear.



Non-profit organizations need funding to be successful. The process doesn't have to be painful.  Ann's experience with agencies such as the United Way, American Cancer Society, YWCA, YMCA, American Red Cross and various youth and health care organizations can be put to work for you. She can consult on the project or even contract to be your event planner and fundraiser all in one!

Tips and Tricks to Attract the Media

Ann has served as on-air talent for various public relations/advertising agencies including MUDD Advertising, River Run Productions and EDGECORE.  She has also produced videos for John Deere Waterloo Operations, Cedar Valley United Way and John Deere Engine Works.  Ann works with a talented group of freelancers to get you a professional product without breaking the bank!