“Ann was a pleasure to work with as our speaker for our Wisconsin Dells sales luncheon. She will customize her presentations to your audience and she truly cares about you having a successful event, so she works as your partner. She is definitely a speaker that you can work with multiple times because she can cover a variety of great topics!” - Helen Kilkenny/Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau

"Ann came to me like a piece of magic when I needed it most! My instincts told me in our first conversation that she and I would be a great combo! Those instincts did not fail me and she and I fit perfectly in the Life Coach/Client relationship! She matched my creative perspective in order to guide me and suggest growth opportunities alike. What is just as paramount to me as her ability to guide me, she is a stellar human being!! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Thanks, Ann!"  Andrea Canny/The Walt Disney Company 

“Ann was a valuable person to have in my corner when it came time to search for a new career opportunity. Ann saw great qualities in me that she felt would translate to a number of different opportunities that I would have otherwise not identified in my search. I owe a lot to Ann for the guidance she gave me during my career transition.” Nate Clayberg/Fund Development Coordinator at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

"Ann is extremely easy to work with. My company assisted her in a video project for a local client. She was very detailed and efficient in her work. Ann was a great team leader." Michael Rueber, Creative Director, Around The Corner Productions

 "Ann has been hired to emcee events for non-profit companies; lead top executives through transitional phases; and motivate large groups, young and old, through her story telling methodology. She is well organized, punctual and driven to bring the best presentation to the table through researching the target audience and subject matter. She is an amazing person, and I am honored to work with Ann whenever the opportunity arises." — Cindy Beyer/Hellman Associates

"Ann Kerian knows her stuff about reaching the media and it truly shows. As a consummate professional, Ann adds value to our community of coaches by contributing her leadership strengths to the dialogue and by showcasing her expertise in building effective relationships with the media." — Wendy Y Bailey, President/CEO, Brilliance In Action Enterprises, Inc.

"Ann is a talented manager who is very results oriented, and a gifted public speaker. I have seen first hand, and benefited from Ann's skills as a fund raiser, project manager, and speaker." — Paul Stapella, Chief Operating Officer, DC Industries

"Ann is dedicated and professional, and very responsive to the needs of her clients." — Carolynn Sween, Community Foundation

"Ann is the type of individual that people gravitate to immediately. She has an electric personality, and a high degree of intelligence. Ann is as nice as she is talented, which is quite a bit!" — Michael Small, Associate Sports Director, WCTI TV 12

"Ann and I worked together at WEAR-3 in Pensacola, Florida. I was impressed with Ann's ability to stay cool, calm and collected… even in the most chaotic times. She exuded confidence at the anchor desk and excelled during breaking news events. That confidence helped to ease anxiety for the crew in those tense times. I enjoyed working with Ann and would highly recommend her to any potential employer-in or out of news!" — Alison Clements, Television News Producer, WEAR-3, WNCN-17, WTVR-6

"Ann is the epitome of "command anchor". She does more than just sit at a desk and read what is written for her. During my time at WEAR, Ann made sure everything that got on the air was vetted properly.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there every night reporting and anchoring...you are the face if anything goes wrong. Ann goes out there and does it all with class and style. Those of us who worked with her are lucky." — Ron Giordan, Producer, WEAR

"Ann is a talented news anchor with a vibrant personality but one of her best traits is she's just as comfortable in the field as she is behind the anchor desk. Not only is Ann a strong writer, she's a terrific storyteller who has a warm demeanor that appeals to viewers. Our newsroom could always count on Ann to craft some of the strongest stories of the day, even on those "slow" news days." —David Deliman, News Reporter & Managing Editor, WEAR-TV

"Ann is a pleasure to work with. Whether it's on set as an anchor or out in the field she always has a great attitude and does what it takes to tell the best story possible. I enjoyed working with Ann and hope to get the opportunity to do so again." — Erik Bjella, Photojournalist, KWWL-TV 

“Ann is an energetic, driven person who keeps her eye on the end objective and follows a straight path to attain the objective. Her experience, personality and creative ideas are a recipe for success. Her consulting skills filled an immediate need and exceeded our expectations.” - Ken Nelson, Cedar Valley United Way